Praying through business

A few years ago in the early stages of my business, I wasn't seeing much progress. I always felt like I was scattered and overwhelmed, never knowing what to do next. Making decisions, even the simplest ones, was always a challenge. And then one day I realized that I was going about it all wrong. Instead of putting God first in my business and trusting His will, I was trying to do it on my own. I was trying to make the decisions and choose my path without consulting Him first. But once I started praying over everything in my business, things changed. I saw His light. I saw His way. And it all turned around.  

How to make the most of your time

I was recently reminded of the difference between being efficient and being effective. When we run around all day long checking items off our to do list like it's our job, we are being super efficient. But when we stop focusing on how many items we check off and start focusing on what items we are spending our time on, we can be much more effective with our time. I know it feels good to check an item off your list, and I'll be the first to admit that I've written something down after I've completed it, just so I could close it off (you too?). But ultimately, does it matter if we cross off everything on our list each day, or that we are spending our time wisely by investing in things that are actually important even if it means sacrificing some of those check marks?  

Managing your goals and doing a goal check in

At the beginning of each year, there is an all out frenzy to set goals. We do it because we think we should, because everyone else is doing it, and because we hope it will kick us into gear for a productive and successful year. We want to reach all our goals and dream big thinking it will be easy to get there having planned ahead. But as each month passes by, our goals get forgotten, we make slower than anticipated progress, or we just give up on trying to reach them because we feel too far behind.

Why your business should evolve over time

You are different today than you were a year ago. Even if it's just small changes, they happen. You evolve over time. And chances are that your business is different today than it was a year ago, Because your business will evolve as you evolve, and it should. Your business doesn't have to be the exact same for all of time. It's ok to change and grow and adjust things over time.

Practicing Sunday Sabbath and the new normal in my life and business

When did it become normal to work all the time and never allow ourselves true rest? When did we start saying yes to everything because it's what we are “supposed” to do? Why do we value hustle over rest? Somewhere along the way, I adopted these things to my life. I thought I was supposed to be busy, always working, always moving forward in something. I believed the lie that in order to be productive and successful I had to do all the things, all the time. Even on Sunday when we are supposed to be resting.

Finding focus and clarity in your business

Do you often feel like you're lost in your business? Like you don't know what direction to go in and feeling like you're being pulled every which way? Do you desire to find your unique perspective and specific purpose so your business can thrive where it's supposed to? I've been there. And so many creative business owners feel this way too. I hear it all the time. You know you need to find your focus but you don't know how. Finding clarity and focus for your business doesn't have to feel like such a huge feat. With some simple and intentional steps, you can dig deep and bring clarity to your business too.

Lessons learned from a new mama of 2

About 7 months ago, I became a new mama of 2 little ones, a now 3 year old and new baby. The journey through motherhood over the last few years has been one of faith, frustration, unimaginable love, and lots of learning. And although there have been ups and downs in my role as mama, it's one that I would never want to change or take for granted. The idea that being a mother is such a huge blessing from God is not lost on me, and something I remind myself of daily. 

Finding Balance with Katie Crocombe

When I wrote a post about how I schedule my work week and how I get it all done as a stay at home mom of a toddler and business owner of a growing, thriving business, the response was overwhelming. I quickly realized how many of you needed guidance for creating your own schedule and finding balance between work and life. I realized that we all want a glimpse of how others are making it work so we can better structure our own lives.