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create an intentionally designed life and business

I believe in building purposeful and intentional lives and businesses, that serve each other well so you can finally start living the life of your dreams.

With the right tools, resources, and encouragement, you can create an intentionally designed life and business. I am passionate about helping you do this through intentional business development, valuable education, and a place of community so that you don't have to do it alone. I want to help you grow and thrive in your season.


what do you want to do today?

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create an intentional life

Living intentionally and purposefully gives you the freedom to live your life like you always wanted while maintaining the things you are passionate about too. 

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Build an intentional business

With an intentional business, you are able to spend less time worrying about what to do next, and more time actually doing it. Build your business with intention.


Interested in both and want to find the balance between the two?

Find your balance and do both life and business well.

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I believe in balance and grace.

I am a city girl turned farmer's wife who has grown to love and cherish slow living. I strive to live my life for what matters and take time to enjoy each day as it comes. As a small business owner, wife, and mother I know firsthand it's hard to draw the line between our work and the rest of our lives. But I believe that we can.

I spend my hours on the floor playing with blocks, at the park pushing swings, and in the kitchen making meals. I also own a successful business that helps support my family and allows me to do what I love. I don’t stay up late to work. I don’t work much on weekends. I am able to live the life I always dreamed of living while running a business that fuels my passions. 

I'm here to help you find your balance and create an intentional life and business.


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