build an intentional business so you can live a more intentional life

going against the grain

There is a problem within the world of online entrepreneurship.

For far too long it has been pushed, preached, and believed that the only way to build a successful business is with non-stop hustling all the time.

But the truth is that there is a better way.

I’m not saying you will never have to hustle and that you can build a good business without hard work. In fact, hustling is absolutely part of the equation.

But you don’t have to feed into the misconception that owning a business means it will take over your life. Owning a business doesn’t mean that you will always be stressed, overwhelmed, overworked, and hustling for more just because “it comes with the territory”.

I think it needs to be talked about more and that’s why I wrote this new series, Going Against the Grain.

Because it’s time to break free from the common misconceptions about being an entrepreneur so we can start doing business differently - with less overwhelm and more intention.

If you’re already nodding your head and ready to talk about it too, this is for you.

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