build an intentional business so you can live a more intentional life

So you’ve got the clear brand and stellar website that is converting left and right.

But something’s missing.

After we work together on your brand and site, you might find that you still need a few more things to continue building an intentional business.

Never fear! There are several things we can do together to take care of those needs.

Marketing + Brand Experience Upgrades

  • Packaging Design

  • Instagram Strategy: includes a comprehensive plan and templates

  • Templates for Graphics, for your blog or social media accounts

  • Sale Funnel Flow: mapping out how and where how your sales will come into your business so you always have a plan

  • 1-hour coaching Intensive: for those needing extra training on sales, mindset, fine-tuning your offerings, etc., includes a customized roadmap for your business

  • Email Marketing Strategy: includes templates and a plan for your email marketing execution

  • Marketing Schedule: includes a map of where you’ll be showing up online, how often, and with what content



Exclusive Client Resource List

This list contains my top business contacts and resources for creating an intentional business. Keep this page bookmarked so you can access it often for your needs!