Why I love using Squarespace

As a Squarespace designer and user, there are many reasons why I love the platform so much. And while there are several great articles out there explaining all the great benefits of using Squarespace, I thought I'd share my views on the subject too and some of my favorite features of using Squarespace for my website and all of my clients too. 

Easy to use content management system

In my opinion, one of the best features of Squarespace is the incredibly easy to use content management system. In fact, it is the main reason I use this platform for designing my client's websites. Because it is easy to use and easy to understand, it is easy for my clients to update their websites when needed. 

Great customer service

Although I don't want to have to deal with technical issues, we all know they will inevitably come up at some point - no matter what platform you use. And while I honestly haven't had to deal with too many issues since switching to Squarespace, I have had to utilize their customer service a few times and the experience was great!  They were always helpful and quick to answer. 


Getting a website for your business or blog can be expensive. But Squarespace offers a range of affordable options perfect for any type of business. From a basic website to a full blown eccomerce shop, you can afford to get what you need with Squarespace.  

Features and integrations

There are so many great features of Squarespace, but a few of my favorite integrations are email, payment processing, order and inventory management, and mail chimp. Squarespace allows you to easily integrate and manage these things all in one place without having to maintain several different platforms.  

Mobile Friendly

With Squarespace websites, your site is automatically mobile responsive, which means it can be viewed easily on a mobile or tablet device. The sites will configure to fit better on smaller screens, and you can even test what your site will look like on different devices while you are designing and developing it.

Why I switched from a custom built site to squarespace 

Before switching to Squarespace in March, I had a custom built website. Now don't get me wrong, it was great, but there are so many things about Squarespace that I couldn't get with my custom built website without spending thousands of dollars on custom programming.

One of the main reasons I made the switch was to be able to better manage my commerce shop. I love the backend dashboard and how easy it is to use and manage all of those things. I also love how the templates can be customized as much as you want, but that the basic framework was already there for me. On top of that, Squarespace websites have a natural clean and professional look to them, which is always a good thing.

I was able to completely change over my website to Squarespace within a couple of weeks and keep the same basic design I had before. But another great feature is the ability to change out a template and redesign your website while keeping the current one live. When I rebranded in August, I was able to change over my website design in a matter of days.

I also love the cover page feature. Cover pages can be used for a variety of things, and I love how easy it is to create a new landing page and feature and upcoming event or popular item for your business.  


Like I said, there are many great features of using the Squarespace platform for your website, and I have just scratched the surface here. If you are wanting to make the switch but are unsure if it would be the right fit for you, I would be more than happy to chat with you one on one and help you decide if it's right for you!

What are your favorite Squarespace features? 

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