Focusing on What Matters During Busy Seasons

The holiday season can easily become stressful, overwhelming, and busy. We can quickly lose sight of what really matters and get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. But one thing I've been reminding myself of lately, especially during this busy season, is to remember the big picture. When you think back on this day in 10 years, what will you remember? Will you remember that the laundry wasn't done or that the Christmas tree wasn't put up? Will you remember your long to-do list that was untouched or the fact that you failed to send Christmas cards? OR will you remember the special memories you made with your children? The good food you shared with your family? The moments when you forgot about what "needed" to be done and focused on just those things that really matter to you?

We all have busy seasons in our lives. I am always battling being busy and trying to manage a full schedule. I am knee deep in a busy season right now. But having a full life doesn't mean that you have to be overwhelmed by the things you need and want to do. It just means that you have to be intentional with your time and focus on what really matters most.

Remember the big picture

It is easy to let things like productivity, goals, and things that bring you joy fall to the wayside when your life gets busy and is filled with deadlines and long lists instead. When we feel overwhelmed by all the things to do, we forget the goals we set and plans we made to reach those goals. Instead we hustle and rush and push to get through the season however we can. But simply reminding yourself of that big picture can help to get you back on track to being more intentional with your time. You might be caught up in too many things going on to remember what really matters in the long run. Think about what your big picture goals are and how you will reach them. Don't get distracted by the little things in front of you each day that may lead to overwhelm and stress. 

Keep balance in mind

Work/life balance is an ongoing thing that you have to manage well in order to have an intentional life, especially in busy seasons. Make a plan, stick to it, and forget the rest. I'm a big advocate of not trying to do it all. We just can't. This is when saying no is really important. If you're stuck in a busy season, trim down your list. Say no to things that aren't as important. Focus on those purposeful goals you've set for yourself. If it doesn't help you reach those goals, forget about it. Make a plan based on what you know you can do and what really needs to be done. Don't forget about balance just because you're busy. You can still have balance between work and life even when you feel like you're buried in things to do. In fact, it's more important than ever so that you don't get burnt out by one or the other so easily.  

Does it really matter?

At the end of the year, it is all too common to feel burnt out, stressed out, and ready to give up. It seems like all the things fall on you at the same time and it may feel impossible to come out on top. But in the end, we should always choose joy. Choose what makes you happy and do that. Ask yourself if it really matters in the long run, and if it doesn't, move on to something else. Being busy doesn't mean that we have to forget what we have worked so hard to establish in our lives. During busy seasons is when being intentional comes in handy the most. It can help to keep you on the right track and in the right frame of mind so that you avoid the stress and overwhelm of the season. 


Busy seasons are inevitable. How you deal with them makes all the difference. Approaching a busy season with purpose and intent keeps you on track and helps to alleviate stress and overwhelm.