How to up your small business game

Starting out as a small business owner is tough. In many ways, you are the David to the business Goliaths, whether that’s an online giant such as Amazon, or those larger supermarket and store brands that populate our towns and cities. To beat them, you need to do all you can to raise your voice, ensuring both customers and clients notice your very existence in whatever industry you fall into. In short, you need to up your small business game.

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The art of self-promotion

Whether it’s hiring a trade show booth at an industry event or speaking to the people you meet in the street, forego humility and shout about your business. Your friends and family are a great resource too, so while you should promote your business to them, you should also ask them to share a word about your business as well, to their networks both online and off.

Figure out what marketing tactics work for you

You can figure out what marketing tactics work best by taking advantage of the tools and resources available to you. You might want to focus your efforts online through digital marketing, but don't ignore the traditional marketing techniques that are still valid, even in this technological age. This means using all that the internet has to offer you, from setting up your own website, with all the bells and whistles your customers expect, to utilizing every facet of social media, spreading the word about your business far and wide. But this also means using print media, from business cards you can give hand out in person and other more traditional advertising.

Challenges for the solo entrepreneur

When you are going it alone, it can be difficult to find time to grow your business. With a lot of plates to spin - from dealing with customers to managing your product - it can be easy to let marketing slide. The odd tweet here and the occasional email there are not enough. Placing a focus on your marketing is a must, but there are mobile apps at your disposal, as well as outsourced marketing service providers who can help you, so you don’t need to run yourself ragged if you are lacking time.

Creating a strong network

You don’t have to work alone, as while outsourcing helps (as mentioned above), you should also buddy up to others working within your industry. This means attending conferences and industry events to meet those business leaders who may be able to promote your business alongside theirs. You may also be able to collaborate with each other, sharing ideas, and finding ways to pool resources together. Using LinkedIn, you can easily make contact with the people who can a) assist you, such as freelance copywriters and web designers, and b) share ideas and information with other people doing what you are doing. Running a small business is tough, especially when you are doing it alone, so do reach out to others, and make contacts and friends who will help elevate your business.

While you may not be able to topple the Goliaths like a stone-throwing David, you can still offer customers what they can’t - the personal touch. You have time to speak to your customers as human beings, rather than as a commodity. This is your greatest weapon - serve your customers well, and they will help grow your business. 


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