5 things that will turn customers away

It can take years to build up a positive, trusting relationship with a customer. Yet it only takes seconds to turn them away and lose them forever. In order for product shops to succeed, it’s vital that you are able to retain your customers and reinforce your relationship, so they keep coming back for more.

There are many different issues that can cause customers to lose their love for your product or service, and not all are controllable. But some things are dependent on you and if you leverage these things the right way, you will create stellar customer service instead of turning people away.

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An inability to listen

Some of your customers will encounter a problem with your business at some point. When they do, your response is key to keeping them onboard. Your success will depend greatly on your ability to listen, and if you fail the customer's test it’s likely to be taken a  lot more seriously than you can possibly imagine. Research suggests that an angry customer could tell 10-15 people about their experience, so make sure you hear what they are saying, and respond appropriately. Good listening will also tell you about where your business is going wrong, and where you need to make improvements.

IT problems

When a visitor to your website wants to buy something but finds out your website is down, what do you think will happen? As https://www.spectrumwise.com/ points out, the truth is that unless you are available online at all times, your customers are likely to go elsewhere. And you could end up losing them for life if they feel one of your rivals offers better service. Make sure that your IT can handle everything your customers can throw at it, and try to keep downtime to a minimum.

The basics

While there are some customers who demand the red carpet treatment everywhere they go, the vast majority of people just want the basics. ‘Please,’ ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ still go a long way, but it’s amazing how many businesses fail at these simple phrases. You don't have to do anything world-changing to keep your customers happy, just be polite, friendly and helpful. It’s not rocket science.

The training

However, things can get a little more difficult when it comes to your team. You can be the most customer-conscious boss in the world, but unless your team is the same, it can cause a lot of damage. Training is critical, of course. Nothing irritates a customer more than a rude or ignorant member of staff, and people soon go elsewhere if they don’t get the service they need.

The false promise

Finally, as Customer Contact Digital points out, never make promises you can’t keep when you run a business. A client will usually be OK if you can’t get hold of a product or deliver a service at that particular time. But if you promise and don’t deliver, it can be catastrophic. Always be truthful, accessible, and honest about what you can do. It will only backfire if you don’t.


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