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How to know if your designer is a good fit

Over the last few weeks, we've talked about how you can work with a designer for your business and why you should hire a designer. So now that you know you need a designer, and you know what you want to hire them for, you need to know if its a good fit before you start working together. But what exactly makes it a good fit? And how do you know? Choosing a designer to work with can be a daunting task, especially when there are hundreds of designers you could potentially hire.

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Why you should hire a designer

If you find yourself spending more time trying to figure out how to design your logo, create blog graphics, or get a professional looking website than you do creating your own products or services, it might be time to hire a designer. I recently shared 10 ways you can work with a designer for your business, but I wanted to take it a little deeper this week and talk about why you should hire a designer. 

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