How To Go From Starting a Blog to Making Money

In case you hadn’t heard the last few years has been phenomenal for making money online. The early adopters are now in prime position to give the give of great advice. They’ve done all of the legwork and can provide you with what you need to succeed in making money online. Amazon sellers like, Etsy shop owners like Bohemian Findings and Instagram Moguls like Huda Kattan all, have the knowledge to share.

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The most obvious one it to start a blog. Combine a plethora of skills, to turn your online space (and yourself) into a brand. You don’t need anything special to start - even the oldest of computers or laptops can help you get started if you have internet access. Following that? You might like to start honing your photography skills, luckily enough your mobile phone will work just fine for this. You can secure a domain name from a number of providers, Tsohost, GoDaddy, and 123-Reg are just a couple. After that? Check out somewhere to build your blog, for this most people love Wordpress. That said, Blogger, Squarespace, and Wix are great options.

You have to find what you are most comfortable with before you really commit - although you can move later it becomes a bit more of a pain when you have loads of extra content. Speaking of content, your content is your route to making money. The better your content, the more readers you get, the more you get, the more shares you’ll have. Dropping a thank you to people who have shared, replying to comments when you get them, and actively heading to other peoples blogs and social media to show them some love all boost your profile.

Before you know it, you will start popping up on the radar of SEOs, PRs and, Brands.

Once you have a dedicated readership, you can utilize the time they spend on your blog. Ad space is a brilliant way to start clocking some cents per view, affiliate marketing works brilliant for beauty and fashion bloggers, creating evergreen downloadable content is an excellent idea and you can even offer consulting services (though you might want to ensure your own social and website have the numbers to back up that claim). It goes without saying that most of the time what you will be paid will take into account a mixture of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Quilty of content

  • Original imagines (and quality)

  • Engagement (what good is 1.5 million follows if only 3 like the post?)

  • Niche

  • Social Media Followers

  • Domain Authority, Trust Flow and Ahrefs rankings - plus other specific to your niche

The brilliant thing about starting to make money online, no matter how you chose to do it, is that while you can take plenty of advice from the most successful online content creators and sellers, and follow most of what they’ve done, you can also still create something that is personal and unique to you.

This post was done in collaboration and may contain affiliate links.

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