Think Your Business is too Small to Outsource? Think Again.

When you are a solo business person, you don’t always have the time to get everything done that you want to. Sometimes you might have to push things back, a day or a week and next thing you know there are a few jobs that are no longer the little tasks that they once were. If you find yourself slipping behind with a few tasks that should be simple, it might be time to look at where you can make some changes and outsource a few jobs.

Think Your Business is too Small to Outsource? Think Again.

A virtual assistant is a magic person who can organize anyone. They are masters of turning a mess into perfection. Of course, you might have to go through a few not so great ones until you find the one that matches you well. They can do any number of tasks, but the ones that people find most useful are things like:

  • Compiling Data

  • Newsletter Writing

  • Social Media Management/ Prep

  • Calendar Management

  • Arranging Travel

  • Booking Calls and/or Meetings

  • Research

If there are some tasks that you are finding eat up a lot of your time, then your best bet is to outsource them into better hands.

IT problems

Just because John down the street is entirely comfortable with how cloud technology works, doesn't mean you need to be. It pays to hire a company like Online Computers Support and Consulting Solutions, who can handle all of the messy technology that you aren’t confident using.

Accounting and bookkeeping

While you are likely pretty good with numbers, the chances are you don’t have as much knowledge in these areas as a professional. They will know where all the available write-offs and savings are. If you can't stretch to an accountant yet, you can get some great software that will help you manage your business finance.


If you have a website (and let's face it, who doesn’t nowadays), then you will need to keep it updated with content for Google to realize it is relevant. If you don’t have time to write interesting and informative articles, it might be time for you to look at hiring a copywriter or perhaps a blogger. You can set up a list of articles that you would like to see on your website and have them written by a professional. You can tie in the research from your virtual assistant, a social media campaign, and exceptionally written copy to encourage people to share your content.


The chances are even though you have great ideas, you are better off hiring a designer to bring them to life for you. Once you have written down and maybe even drafted up what you want things to look like, you can head over to sites like DesignCrowd, Fiverr or Upwork to have them brought to life by the skilled hands of someone else, or work directly with a skilled designer (like me).

It has never been easier to hire as, and when you need some extra hands, the internet and the rise of the ‘gig’ economy has meant outsourcing can really be to the solution for small businesses.

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Think Your Business is too Small to Outsource? Think Again.