How to be intentional during pregnancy and motherhood

If you know me, you know I am all about being intentional in every part of my life and business. After all, that is the mission of this business - to help you do the same so you can find true joy in life. And in this season of my life, being intentional during pregnancy and motherhood has been a top priority for me. I have a 2 year old son with a little girl arriving soon, and I've been spending the last few months focusing on pregnancy and motherhood first. This season can easily pass by quickly and I want to be able to make the most of it while I can. Being intentional during pregnancy and motherhood can be a challenge, especially when you are fighting sleep deprivation and all the pregnancy things, but here are some quick tips to help you be more intentional during this season too.

Don't try to do it all

I learned this one early after having my first son 2 years ago. I learned that you just can do it all and do it well and that it's ago to ask for help from others. It truly does take a village to raise children, so you don't have to feel guilty for not being able to do it all and be Superwoman. The key is to figure out your priorities and focus only on what really matters to you. You just have to learn to forget about the rest and be ok with it. This was especially difficult for me during the early part of this pregnancy because it was hard enough to take care of myself and this growing baby with a busy toddler around, so many things were left unchecked on the to-do list. This is totally against my nature and I always felt like I should be doing more, but I just physically could not keep up with it all. I couldn't keep up with my normal pace and go non-stop all day like I was used to. I had to teach myself to let it go and focus on taking care of the little ones that needed me most first. If anything else got done, it was a bonus.

Be flexible

Things will not go as planned most days. I used to be one to always have everything planned, but I've slowly adapted to a more flexible attitude while my children are young. I saw this so much during this pregnancy because I was forced to listen to my body first. Even if I had a big day planned for us or lots to do, if I woke up feeling sick ans couldn't shake it, most of the time those plans changed. We spent more days than I'd like to admit watching movies on the couch rather than playing outside just because I couldn't bare to move around much in the first few months of this pregnancy. Toddler tantrums take a toll on this too. Sometimes no matter how much you've planned and prepared, kids will turn things upside down in an instant. Staying flexible in your routine helps to combat any hiccups along the way. 

Focus on the little moments

There are so many little moments that pass us by every day. I've always cherished special moments and memories, but even more so after having children. I've realized the importance of focusing on the little moments of life because they pass by all too quickly. It's hard for me to believe hay my son is already 2 years old and that I'll be welcoming a new baby soon. But during this pregnancy I've been extra protective of my time with my son and made all kinds of special memories with him before we add a new on into the mix. I've also taken the time to be fully present in the pregnancy and enjoy every moment, even the rough ones. The best way I've found to do this is to record the memories in simple ways. My favorite ways are using guided journals like the Val Marie Paper pregnancy journal, Promptly Journals for pregnancy and beyond, and Chatbooks for all the photos I collect on my phone. Each of these have been really easy ways for me to keep the little moments in a safe place for later. I've also been keeping up with life as a mama on my personal blog and it's been a great way to write down things I want to remember and a fun way to share it with family and friends. 


Pregnancy and and motherhood can be tough. There's no sugarcoating it here. There are definitely hard days, but it is always worth it.  There will be messes along the way but being intentional in this season means embracing those messes and making the most of every day. 


How are are you intentional in pregnancy and motherhood?