How your brand can help you grow your business

A strong and intentional brand is one of your biggest investments and assets as a business owner. Your brand is essentially your business and shows exactly who you are as a business to reach those ideal clients. Having a well thought out and well designed brand can help you grow your business by reaching those dream clients and customers, growing a genuinely connected community, and ultimately increasing your revenue and profits. A strong brand will help you take things to the next level by making your business look professional, tell your unique story, and create a specific look and feel for your business. Your audience will recognize your brand and connect with it on a more personal level when you have a well established brand.

I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about the value of branding and how it can help your business grow. But this time I wanted to approach it from a different perspective and show you how it can actually grow your business to have a strong and intentional brand. I’ve gathered some personal stories and testimonials from past clients so they can share their take on how their brand has helped their business grow.

There are so many beautiful websites in the wedding industry. And yet there are so many ugly stories of websites gone wrong.  Naturally, knowing this, I was concerned about devoting time, energy and money away from my brides and business to take a chance at growing it through new branding.  From the moment introductions were made I knew I had absolutely nothing to be concerned about.
The process was amazing.  It started with a questionnaire that allowed me to dig deep to see where I wanted my brand to go and the image it should convey.  It was so comprehensive, she was able to fully understand what I dreamed of in a websiteNot only did she help me finesse the vision I had into an actionable plan for a new website, she also set timelines so we could move the process forward and I could see the results quickly.  Every deadline she set, she met.  Start to finish, the project took 2 weeks.  Unheard of!  And it is beautiful. Stunning, actually.
Before my new website and branding, I would not submit for publication of my work.  I turned down inquiries which would drive my business forward, because I didn’t want people to land on my old website.  It’s quite remarkable how much confidence and motivation to grow your business, an improved website and brand can give you.  Within 6 weeks of launching my new website,  I booked 6 weddings, I have been featured in Style Me Pretty, a premier wedding resource, booked a speaking engagement for industry vendors and started blogging with unique visitors per month growing exponentially every month.  It’s staggering to think how a solid brand that reflects your business, displayed on a website with wording that shares your voice can connect with brides and translate to actual business growth.
My advice to people when thinking about having professional branding done with you, is to set aside the budget, invest in professional images and find someone who can help you communicate your message.  Literally, I just wish I would have done it sooner!
-Shannon Smith, Sassy Soirees

Working with Rachel has been such a good step for our little company. The whole process was simple and fun, and she got us to think about our business in ways that we never did before. Having our website, and Etsy, and Instagram and all of our printed supplies match, make us look more professional, and I am always proud to give our information out. I no longer have to tell people "don't mind my website, its under construction" I am 100% sure that having our professional branding done, helps our customers feel more comfortable buying from us, because it looks like a real company and not just a hobby. I will continue to try to refer customers to Rachel, and whenever I need more designing work done, I know exactly where I will go.
-Nicole Moyer, Fish Food Tees

I had the pleasure to work with Rachel on the rebrand of my business, Antique Candle Works. When I first started my business, I was using a logo that I created (mind you, I have not graphic designing talent at all!). My website, business cards, and overall look of my business was discombobulated and it wasn't because of a lack of effort on my part. I had convinced myself that I could not afford a branding professional to design all these things. During the first two years in business, Antique Candles grew slowly. Finally, I was able to put together enough cash to reach out to Rachel. I wish I had done it sooner.
The new logo, business cards, and overall "look" of the Antique Candle Works brand is cohesive and perfectly encompasses our tagline, "vintage-inspired soy candles". In May 2016, we were ready to launch our new website for our retail customers. Our online retail revenue in the first TWO DAYS alone paid for the professional branding package. Our new brand makes us look like a trendy, small artisan business. This is attractive for retail buyers and new prospective wholesale partners. At the end of two years, we had 17 wholesale partners. In the three short months after our rebranding launch, we now have over 40. This rebrand has been and continues to be a game-changer for our candle business.
-Brittany Whitenack, Antique Candle Works

Are you ready to be more intentional with your brand and take your business to the next level? What are you waiting for? It is proven that a strong and authentic brand can help your business grow and thrive. By establishing who you are as a brand, you will bring clarity to your business and for your target market which will only help your business to move forward with intention and power.

What's your story? How has your brand helped you grow your business?

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