Finding Balance

Balance. It is a word that most of us feel like we work so hard to achieve and yet never seem to get there. But in reality, balance is all about doing the best you can in all areas of your life. It's about making progress and giving yourself grace, not striving for the idea of perfection. Balance does not mean you have to do all and be all. In fact, its the exact opposite. Balance is found when you prioritize your life and say no the things that just don't have to be done. Balance is achieved when you stop trying to do it all and start living for what matters most. Most people say that balance doesn't exist. I say that it does and can easily be found in your own life too. Its just a matter of realizing what that balance is for you. In fact, you might already have it without even knowing it.

mixing work + life

As a stay at home mom and business owner, balance is key to making it all work and not wanting to pull my hair out. Finding the work/life balance is one of the core values of my business and something I focus on daily. Some days the balance is there and other days it's not. The balance comes and goes, but giving myself grace has been one of the biggest steps towards balance. Because I don't spend time feeling guilty about spending time working or frustrated because I didn't get everything done, I spend more time being happy and being present with my family.

what is balance to me?

To me, balance is being able to spend time doing what I love with my business and spend time with my growing toddler and husband too. It's being able to give myself time to rest and refresh and finding joy in all of these things. But most importantly balance is being content with the way things are. The idea of a perfect balance between work and life doesn't really exist. You have to find what works best for you. And you have to be ok with the way things are. So for me, that means I spend my days with my toddler, my mornings and nights working, and weekends with family and resting. There are some days I wish it was different, that I could find time to get it all done during the day and not have to work on weekends, but then I remind myself that this is the way things are meant to be for me during this season of life and everything is ok.

Flexibility is key

If there is one thing I have learned in my journey it's to be flexible. I love having a routine and schedule to keep things running smoothly, but being flexible in that routine is what keeps me sane. I know that some days things just won't go the way I want, and that's ok. Some days I will be able to get all my work done and spend time with my family. Some days I will have to work all day to catch up. And some days I will be able to spend the whole day with my little one and husband.

Balance will come and go

While I do feel like I have a good balance in my life most days, it doesn't always work right for me. Some things don't work. It has taken us time to find this balance and routine, and I'm sure it will changed again. There are always periods of transition and adjustment in life and keeping balance between those takes time.

Being organized and productive with my time helps keep things from getting out of control. By staying organized I am able to focus on the important things and get thing done. I'll have to admit, I am a little OCD about being organized, but it is definitely one of the biggest factors in keeping things balanced. Staying organized and on top of things helps me be more productive and less busy which leads to more time I can spend resting or enjoying time with my family.


All in all, we just have to remember that balance is a daily goal but it's ok if we don't get there each day too. We can't be so hard on ourselves and expect to be superwoman every day. Some days we will rock it and get it all done and then some. Some days we will do good just to shower and put real clothes on. That's ok. The key to finding balance is being organized, being productive, being flexible, and being easy on yourself. You won't even come close to feeling balances if you don't add in that last one. The idea of balance is there to keep us in check. It's there to motivate us and remind us that we there is time for it all but you don't have to do it all. Next time you find yourself struggling with the battle of balance, step away, take a breath, and give yourself grace. You can try again tomorrow.

How do you find balance in your life?

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