5 Feelings I hope you have when we work together

When we work together, you are more than a client. You are a friend. I love that I am able to work with so many other women in different seasons of life and walk away with a new friend each time. Part of what I look for in a new client is someone I can relate to, get along with, and talk with easily. I want our relationship to be natural and welcoming. I want you to feel like we’ve known each other forever and like we are old friends chatting over coffee (or hot chocolate in my case), talking about all the things in life and business. In fact, I do this very thing with friends and clients alike. And because I know that working with someone online can be a scary thing to dive into, I wanted to give you a better idea of what it's like to work with me and the feeling I hope you get from our relationship. I want to give you a peek into what it's like to be one of my new friends and all the feels you'll get from our time together.

I want you to feel:

Collaborative friendship

I've already mentioned that I want to be your friend (if you think I'm cool enough). But on a deeper level, I really want you to feel like you're collaborating with a friend on your business. I do the heavy lifting on our project, but you'll be there every step of the way. After all, we are working on your business and you should be involved.

Comfortable and Welcomed

My goal is to make you feel welcomed as if you're coming into my home and sitting next to me in my office. I want you to feel comfortable talking to me, asking questions, and telling me about your life and business. I am professional with my clients but in a way that opens the door for more.  

Easy and fun

Working on your business should be fun. It shouldn't feel forced or too hard or not right. You shouldn't dread working on your brand. I want you to look forward to hearing from me, excited about what we are creating together, and ready to release your new strategy, brand, or website to the world.

Understanding and clarity

Most importantly, I want you to gain an understanding and clarity about your life and business. We are probably working together because you need someone to walk with you through building an intentional business and brand. Or maybe you need help cutting through the noise to determine the best strategy for your business. After we work together, I want you to feel like you have a clear understanding of how to move forward with intention.

Confident and empowered

My goal when we work together is to provide you with the tools and encouragement you need to do life and business well. That looks a little different with each client, but I want you to feel empowered and confident that you can walk away from our time together knowing you can do this. I want you to be fired up to make things happen and move forward with power and intention.


When we work together, my ultimate goal is to provide you with the knowledge or assets you need to run your business with intention. But going beyond that, I want you to experience these feelings too. After our project is finished, I want you to walk away feeling all these things and more. I want you to have a new friend in me so that you can reach out to me even when we aren't working on your project anymore. Working with me is more than just a step by step process to achieve the end result; it's an experience full of purpose, intention, and all the feels.