3 Ways to Use Digital Marketing for Your Store

There is no longer a clear split between internet companies and physical companies. Most stores now have an ecommerce site you can visit later and many are now incorporating the data collected in-store and online to make the shopping experience that bit better.

3 ways to use digital marketing for your store

Whether you are about to make the move to a bricks-and-mortar store or you are already established and looking for new ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace, IT could offer you your next move. From exciting apps to in-store experiences enhanced by technology, you and your customers can gain from using IT in new and creative ways.

Just make sure that your IT support is in place and ready to upgrade then try one of these brilliant ideas.

Send Receipts and Offers by Email

Email is one of the best ways to send shoppers information about your store as well as encourage them to visit through discounts and offers. But you need to give people an incentive to give you their email address.

Offering receipts by email is a quick way to get an email address and many people are willing because they don’t want to waste paper on a receipt they will either lose or throw away.

Another way to persuade people onto your mailing list is to offer them a reward. Emailing a discount code for use next time they come into the store is a good carrot to offer but a raffle is always fun too.

In-store Social Campaigns

Way back in 2011, British high street retailer Topshop used a very simple digital marketing ploy to give their stores a massive boost. All they did was give shoppers a free styling and make-up session then take a picture of them to create a postcard reading ‘Wish You Were at Topshop’ which they then shared on Instagram.

The idea might be old but a similar campaign could still work, boosting your social media image. Whatever you can do in store to boost your online image through your customers will show that you are a store worth visiting as you effectively gain the trust of their community too.

Companion Apps

Have you noticed that people tend to have their phone in one hand while they walk around your store? Many people like to check products online for reviews and further information while they shop, further blurring the line between online shopping and physical shopping.

You can take advantage of this quite easily with an app. As most people are looking on mobiles, an app is the best way to engage them quickly and easily with the information and purchasing ability they are looking for.

A companion app is usually a good way to offer shoppers greater incentives to buy in store or to go home and purchase something they have seen in store online. For example, you might like to send a discount code when someone opens the app in store or you could put QR codes on your products so that shoppers can find them more quickly online.

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3 Ways to use digital marketing for your store