Cutting Down On Unproductive Work

Time is a valuable resource that comes at a cost. As a freelancer, you need to be aware of how much your time is worth in the short and the long term. Estimating your time is an essential step to produce an accurate quote for a project. Clients might require you to provide ballpark costs for your time per hour or per project. Therefore, to be faithful to the proverb, your time is indeed money.

Additionally, it’s a notion you need to consider when accepting new projects. It is unwise to work below your worth unless it can become a long-term advantage in the future – such as giving a potential client a free sample of your work to develop a profitable relationship for projects to come. As a rule of the thumb, freelancers need to monetize their time to make a living. However, too many self-employed professionals waste time on unproductive tasks. 

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Stop using the wrong tools

As a freelancer, it’s fair to say that your laptop is probably your best friend, your go-to confidant, and your work tool. Unfortunately, a slow device might not be your best work ally. In fact, if your work tool is too slow, or if it can’t perform essential tasks, you might find it difficult to harness your productivity effectively. Similarly, there is no point in investing in a new laptop if your network solution and IT services are not up to the challenge . You can’t afford to use unprofessional tools that are fit for purpose. It’s not only wasting your precious time – a slow network can cost you up to 2 hours at the end of the day – but it also puts your work at risk.

Stop taking professional calls on demand

Picture the scene. You’re in the middle of a complex task and suddenly your phone rings. A potential client would like to find out more about your services and to discuss how you could help them with their project. Of course, you take the time to talk to them. But this interruption can cost you valuable time to finish your other tasks. Ultimately, you can’t afford to take every phone call or email if you want to meet all your deadlines. That’s precisely why it can be a good idea to do a 1300 number search or any other corporate number availability. This can guarantee a point of contact for your clients, which can be a useful lead generation tool if you work with a virtual receptionist to answer questions and take messages.

Stop sending manual invoices

Every freelancer knows that sending invoices and chasing bad payers can take a large chunk of your time. Using an invoicing tool that can automate recurring invoices and chase late payments for you makes it easier to stay on top of your work. Additionally, this also ensures that all your invoices and quotes are built using the same template so that you can create new documents in a few seconds. When you spend less time administrating your business, you’ve got more time to work.

Tasks and routines that don’t generate direct income are unproductive. Consequently, as a freelancer, you want to cut down on time waste to focus your attention on productive projects only.


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