Why Your Customers Are Going to Your Competitors

If you’ve recently noticed that your business is losing customers to your competitors, you need to find out why quickly. For customer, it’s not just about the product but about the convenience of buying that product. There are so many elements to the buying process so it’s important to narrow down where you’re going wrong. Here are some common business failings.

Why Your Customers Are Going to Your Competitors

Poor Rankings

Most businesses these days have a strong online presence and rely on their websites to make sales. So, if you’re website is ranking poorly, it could just be that your customers see your competitors before they notice you. It’s wise to invest your time and money into SEO so your search rankings are high. Many people searching for a particular industry will just click on the first result that comes up, so it’s important to be seen.

Ignoring Customer Feedback

Many customers are in the habit of leaving feedback for businesses now, especially on social media platforms. Customer engagement is so important for businesses. Replying to comments can make your customers feel valued. If for any reason you receive poor feedback, it’s always best to reply and make sure other potential customers can see you have taken the criticism well and intend on improving in the future. Your online reputation can make or break the business.


As mentioned above, sometimes all a customer is looking for is convenience. It could be as simple as providing a direct link to a product instead of making them search the website or using merchant services to offer different methods of payment. Life is busy these days and customers want everything already on a plate for them. Convenience sells, and if your competitor makes life easier for the customers, you may just lose some of your most loyal ones.

Slow Response

A quick website has always been a must for selling products faster than your competitor. However, the standards are even higher now. Up to 80% of people in the UK and US use their mobiles or tablets to purchase goods online. So, if someone browsing on the mobile while commuting to work can’t access your website pages quickly enough, it will usually result in them leaving the website entirely. Your website must have a quick response time on all kinds of devices for customers to keep coming back.

Customer Service

First impressions matter. That’s why your customer service must be impeccable. Studies have shown that customers often decide whether they’ll continue to return to a business just based on their first interaction alone. Think back to times when you’ve received good and bad customer service yourself. What would you take from those experiences and apply to your own business? The best way to learn how to improve customer service is to ask your current customers. What would the change? What would they keep? It’s easy to design your own questionnaire or even a poll on social media.

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Why Your Customers Are Going to Your Competitors