Creatining routines that work for you

Do you have routines that you follow in your life? I realized the other day that our life is pretty simple and we follow the same routines for a lot of things in our life. This may sound a little boring, but I am perfectly content knowing that things are going to follow the same pattern for the most part. Now don’t get me wrong - there are many, many days in my life that just don’t go as planned. But what I’m talking about here is creating routines for the things in my life that are consistent so that I know what to expect on most days. Creating routines that work for you is one of the best ways to be intentional in both your life and business because it can help you stay on track and stick to what matters most.

My routines

I tend to follow the same routines for my morning and evening time. Typically in the morning I wake up between 5:30 and 6:00 when my husband is getting ready for work and spend some time getting myself awake and ready for the day. Some days this means a warm shower and other days this when I have a lot of work to do, this just means a short me time in the morning to study the word and read my devotional. I am usually in the office around 6:30 so that I have quiet time to answer emails and get some work done for the day. Currently, I have a 2 year old in the house with me all day who doesn’t like to nap so this is my only time to work without any distractions or background noise. I take full advantage of this and work hard to get a lot done in the mornings. Once my son is up around 8, it’s all about him for the rest of the day with a short work time in the afternoons to finish up anything for the day.

In the evenings once my husband is home from work, we usually have family time and dinner together and then start our bedtime routine with our son. After my son is in bed, I spend some time with my husband and get myself ready for bed. My nighttime routine is much shorter than my morning because I usually am out of energy by this point. I like to get myself ready for bed, wash my face, put on comfy pajamas, and sometimes read a book or devotional before falling asleep for the day.

I also have pretty standard routines for the week too. I like to do grocery shopping on Monday mornings because it gets our food for the week and seems to be a less busy time at the store. I do our laundry on Wednesdays and cleaning on Fridays so that I can spend Tuesdays and Thursdays doing all the fun activities with my son. Saturdays are always up in the air and open for anything, but Sundays have a routine of their own as well. On Sunday we go to church, have a big lunch and afternoon naps and spend the day together doing something fun or resting before the week. I also have a Sunday prep routine to get me ready for the week which consists of planning meals, making grocery lists, organizing myself for the work week, and making sure my husbands clothes are ironed and ready for the week.

In addition to my normal life routines, I also have routines in my business too. Like I mentioned, morning time is when I do the majority of my work, but that time wouldn’t be so successful if I didn’t have some routines and processes in place to make things easier to manage. I usually check emails first to get my inbox under control and then determine which task is my top priority to work on first. I spend thirty minutes to an hour working on client work and then wrap up the morning with more emails and a social media check before the day really begins.

How to create a routine

I’ll admit, I have always been a planner and love list making so this routine thing is pretty natural for me. Actually, I can’t imagine my life without routines. But the best way to find a routine that works for you is to test out some things first. Figure out what area of your life is in need of a routine and pay attention to the things that you usually do during that time. If you feel like your mornings are always crazy and rushed and needs a routine to help you plan ahead, start there. Start with figuring out what things need to be done in the morning for you and how it will work best for your life to make it happen. For example, it works best for me to get up early and work in the morning, but you may have kids that need to be up and and school early, leaving less time in the morning to get things done. The key is to figure out what is going to work for you. Don’t try to copy someone else’s routine because it seems so great for them.

It’s also essential to keep it simple and stick to the top priorities. Creating a routine will probably give you a little more time to work with because you are being more efficient with your time. But that doesn’t mean you will magically have more time a day and be able to get 10 more things done in the morning before you have to be out the door. Stick to what you really need or want to do first and add on more later if you find yourself with extra time. Be flexible in the beginning and work out the kinks as you go. You will find a routine that works great for you and helps you to manage your life more intentionally.

Finding routines for your life can help alleviate some of the stress of trying to get things done and help you to mange your life more intentionally. By being purposeful with your time this way, you won’t spend so much time running around like crazy trying to figure out what to do next and what else needs to be done. Putting routines in place will help you to know what to expect and plan ahead so that you can spend more time actually living.

What routines do you have in your life? How did you find what works for you?

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