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5 Feelings I hope you have when we work together

When we work together, you are more than a client. You are a friend. I love that I am able to work with so many other women in different seasons of life and walk away with a new friend each time. Part of what I look for in a new client is someone I can relate to, get along with, and talk with easily. I want our relationship to be natural and welcoming.

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Why you should book your brand designer so far in advance

If you've looked into working with a brand designer, you've probably found that their schedule might be booked pretty far in advance. Most of the time, I am booked 6+ months in advance to work with small business owners on creating and improving their brands. This might seem crazy to think that you need to schedule with a designer so long before you actually get to work with them, but most quality designers fill their schedules fast and it might be worth waiting to work with them.

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How branded collateral takes your business to the next level

If you invested time and/or money into creating a beautiful brand, don't you want to use it? I often see business owners who have a great logo and brand style developed but don't take it a step further into developing strong collateral items too. But branded collateral can make all the difference when promoting your products or services to potential customers and clients.

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