How to make your small business brand more legit

Unfortunately, businesses do not get a fair shake based solely on what they do. There are plenty of excellently run businesses that were built on the very best ideas that simply did not make it. Even worse, if you’re solopreneur at the head of a small business, you face even more challenges. Specifically, you will face those potential clients and customers that do not see your business in a light as real or legitimate as bigger, more established companies. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give in to that stigma.

small business more legit

Invest in quality brand foundations

One of the big disadvantages you will face immediately is that you do not have the marketing budget to advertise as broadly as some of your larger competitors. But by building the strong foundations of a brand, you don’t necessarily have to. Use your budget instead to invest in a truly professional brand identity, as shown in The Every Girl. Build a high-quality website, invest in unique imagery and design elements, and use low-cost organic marketing to draw more attention to the brand. Use search engine optimization, social media, and content marketing to bring the customers to the brand, rather than spread the brand out amongst the customers. It takes a little more time, but much less financial investment so you don’t have to bloat your marketing budget more than you can handle.

Make it larger than life

A big part of the stigma that a smaller business is going to face is solely down to the fact that it isn’t a big, doesn’t have as many employees, and isn’t as established. What if you never gave your clients or partners reason to believe that in the first place? Scrubbing away the signifiers that your business is a one-man (or woman) band using services like professional company addresses from Your Company Formations Ltd. can make it a lot easier for customers to assume your operations are as professional as they really are. Avoid listing your home address as the business address and travel out more often to meet clients as opposed to having to welcome them to your home.

Don’t go it all alone

Another key signifier that your clients are dealing with a smaller business is if they’re consistently dealing with just you alone. Using remote business strategies like virtual assistants might be a crucial step in helping you work more efficiently and stay on top of a busy workload. But it could also lend another voice to the phone so that you’re not always the only point of contact for your clients and customers. They may instead be more inclined to believe that you have a team supporting you. Even if you are more than capable of handling the business yourself, it’s the perception that’s the important thing. Don’t give them any reason to assume you’re anything besides a well-established, professionally built business.

There’s an unfair stigma about solopreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners, so take advantage of the tips mentioned above and any other methods you can find to work around them. Craft the perfect image so that your work can stand for itself.


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