Why your business should evolve over time

You are different today than you were a year ago. Even if it's just small changes, they happen. You evolve over time. And chances are that your business is different today than it was a year ago, Because your business will evolve as you evolve, and it should. Your business doesn't have to be the exact same for all of time. It's ok to change and grow and adjust things over time.

One thing I hear business owners say often is that they think their business structure and mission has to be decided once and for all and can never change. While it is true that you don't want to change your business drastically from one year to the next, you will naturally evolve over time. Your business will evolve as you do personally. As you grow and change over time, it will be reflected in your business.

I do believe that as small business owners it is important to have a strong foundation and mission behind your business that is clearly defined and communicated to your community. But at the same time, it is inevitable that your business will reflect your personal seasons as well.

Making small changes over time

Small changes will happen naturally to your business over time. It's not even something you have to put much thought into. They are little things that change as you grow and adapt your business.  As you learn more about your ideal client or customer, hone in on your skills and passions, and figure out what you can offer to the world, your products and services will change. Your business will reflect the person behind it. Your brand will evolve to represent these things and your messaging will speak to those things. Most of the time these small changes happen without even realizing it.

Avoid drastic changes often

Although your brand will naturally evolve, you have to be careful to avoid the drastic changes often. There's a fine line between evolving your business and rebranding every year. You shouldn't be redoing your business so often that people don't even recognize it anymore. You don't need to completely restructure your mission, message, and brand often. Once you define the core of your brand and business it should be your anchor. You can evolve your brand over time without making drastic changes to the core of your business.

Think long term and big picture

The key to remember when evolving your business is to think long term and big picture. Think about your business as a whole over time. Even if you just make small changes and updates to your business over time, it still might look completely different 5 years from now. My business looks nothing like it did when I first started, but it wasn't a huge overnight change. Over the last few years I've made smaller adjustments to my business as I've grown and changed over time. My business today is a better reflection of who I am, where I'm at in life, and how I can best support you now. And I'm still evolving my products and services as I hone in more and more on my own skills and knowledge and how I can use that to best serve you. But in the grand scheme of things, the core of my business and brand is still the same. It hasn’t drastically changed from one thing to a completely different thing. It has been a natural, slow, progressive change that is easy for my community to follow along with over time.


If you’re business looks different today than it did when you started, you’re not alone and it’s ok to grow and evolve. Doing it slowly over time is good for your business and brand and will help you to better serve your community. How has your business evolved over time?