Building our forever home on the farm

I secretly dream of being an interior designer and lifestyle blogger. True story - I’ve watched HGTV since I was in middle school and always had a love in my heart for home design and interiors.

Fast forward a couple decades and I am finally being able to put some of those dreams into action. Even if it isn’t my official profession, at least I get to pretend like I am an interior designer while I design our forever home on the farm.


Making a dream come true

My husband and I have dreamed of building a home on a farm since the day we got married almost 7 years ago. We bought the farm part first in 2013 and are finally ready to build the home part and bring the two dreams together.

For us, this marks the beginning of a new season as we will be able to focus on building my husband's farm once we are living in the same place as his cows and more time together as a family because he will spend less time on the road driving to and from the farm.

Staying humble in the process

This entire process has been incredibly humbling and my prayer throughout has been that we would stay humble and content and not push beyond our comfort zone financially. As I’m sure you know, it is easy for things to spiral out of control when custom building a home and takes no time for the dollar signs to add up. My hope is that we can stay focused on our end goal of building a lifegiving home for our family and a place where we can build our lives together.

Many times I’ve said to my husband that the laughter that fills the home is more important than the size of the rooms. Ultimately, I want us to focus on what we will do inside the home once we live there and how it will allow us to live a life we love. I’d give up any extra feature to be able to live more comfortably rather than break the bank to get any and every upgrade possible.

We both agree that since this is the one and only home we are building, we want it to be just right, but it also isn't worth losing sight of what really matters along the way. In the end, that is part of the reason we decided to scale back on the overall square footage and essentially the cost as well. Being budget conscious outweighed all the bells and whistles.

Along the way we’ve also learned the definition of dream home. Whatever we end up with will be my dream home because I will be with the people I love and that’s what matters most to me. I’ve had to balance my love for design with this fact because it is easy to get excited about the fun things I can do inside. But in the end we are doing this because it is the right move for our family so that we can continue to build a life we love. It is just one more stepping stone in our journey and not an opportunity to go crazy and buy #allthethings.

The plans + inspiration

Now we can get to the good stuff. I’m usually the type to stay away from huge trends, but when you are building an actual farmhouse, you kind of have to go with that style. Even though it is popular right now, I genuinely love the mix of modern farmhouse and the majority of the design choices I’ve made fit into this category. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a Joanna Gaines fangirl and didn’t swoon over everything she does, so naturally, she is a big influence on the design.

We went through hundreds of different drawings and variations to land on the final layout of the house. We went back and forth on building a basement for months and drew out several different basement options only to end up nixing the idea in the end. We originally fell in love with this plan online, but after having it bid out by our contractor, we decided to simplify it to save some money.

Our contractor is skilled in drafting floor plans so this was a big plus and we were able to create our own plan from scratch and have him draft it for us. We opted to stick with one level and a rectangle shaped plan to minimize corners and cut costs. But we were able to fit 4 bedrooms and an office/playroom into the space on top of the standard living, kitchen, dining, laundry areas and ended up with almost 2400 sq. ft.

We also wanted to be sure to include some extra design features to add character and chose to do a vaulted ceiling in the kitchen/living area with beams along the middle and side. We are also doing a fireplace with custom built-ins and of course #shiplap to name a few.

I am eager to get this project started (to say the least), but I also know that good things take time and don’t want it to be rushed. I will share more updates along the way over on Instagram and continue adding posts in this new series about what we’ve learned, individual room designs, and more.