Balancing Busy: Just Enjoy Health Podcast Interview

Balance is all about how we define it and it's supposed to be defined differently for everyone in every season of life. 

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Meghan Birt and talked about all things busy, balance, owning a business, and being a mama on the Just Enjoy Health Podcast. It was so much fun to chat with her and I think we could have talked for hours about the subject.

balancing busy

Because I am so passionate about the things we discussed I wanted to be sure that you had a chance to hear it too. 


  • How wearing busy as a badge of honor will ultimately lead to burnout and overwhelm

  • Why we need to learn the difference between busy and productive

  • The truth about balance (it doesn’t mean 50/50!)

  • How to break free from rhythms of rush

  • Why learning to find balance amidst the busy is a long-term process and practice of letting go and making intentional decisions

  • The importance of knowing your capacity and setting healthy boundaries

  • How Sabbath can play a big role in living a well-balanced life

  • Why you should focus on building a life you love FIRST, then choosing work that supports that lifestyle

  • The importance of avoiding the comparison trap and staying in your lane