Why you should hire a designer

If you find yourself spending more time trying to figure out how to design your logo, create blog graphics, or get a professional looking website than you do creating your own products or services, it might be time to hire a designer. I recently shared 10 ways you can work with a designer for your business, but I wanted to take it a little deeper this week and talk about why you should hire a designer. 

Taking the leap and hiring a designer can be a big decision. It is a big investment and shouldn't be taken lightly. But on the other hand it is a wise investment that will definitely help you take your business to the next level. If you feel like it is the right time to up level your business, then you should consider hiring a designer to help you create a more establish brand and online presence. There are several reasons you may be ready to hire a designer, but I wanted to touch on a few of the most commons ones here.

You don't have time to do it yourself

I see this more often than anything and have even experienced it myself. Often times as small business owners, we try to wear all the hats and do it all ourselves. We think we are saving money by doing it ourselves, but in the end we spend more time trying to figure out something that is not our specialty, which takes time away from doing the things we are actually good at. I have experienced this myself as a growing business, and over time I have learned that hiring professionals is  just the better way to go. I also realize that it may not be feasible if you are just starting out. I recommend that you do your research early and figure out who you want to work with so you can budget for that in the future. 

Designers know design

A designer has spent years learning and practicing their skills. They know design. And even though you may have a good eye for design, that doesn't mean you know how to do it (or even want to!). There are tons of amazing courses and programs out there that teach you DIY design, so you can easily learn it yourself. And sometimes that is the best route for you. But when you end up spending way more time trying to learn yet another facet of business that you do actually working in your business, it doesn't become worth it anymore. A designer will be able to talk with you about what you need and easily translate that into a design. They have already taken the time to learn how to do what they do, so you don't have to. 

You want a professional, cohesive look

A professional designer will automatically give your business a more professional look. Hiring a designer for your business will ensure that your brand, website, and graphics are designed well. They will be clean and professional looking. Your designs will be in line with your brand and everything will have a cohesive look to it. And if you haven't heard me say it by now, a professional and cohesive brand design can be life or death to a business. Working with a designer for all of your business design needs will ensure that you have a professional looking brand everywhere you go.

Designers can help you clarify your vision + bring it to life

Like I said, you might have a really good eye for design. You might know what you like and don't like and you might even have a vision in your head of what you need designed. But bring the vision from your head to your computer can be a little difficult, especially if you aren't familiar with design and design programs. By working with a designer you can talk through all those ideas floating around in your head, show them what you saw that you really liked, and explain to them what it is that you need. With their experience, they can then take all of that information and clarify it into one seamless design.  

Next time you catch yourself spending too much time designing your own graphics, think about how much stress it would save you to hire a designer. Find someone whose style meshes with yours and get to know them. Create a relationship with them and find out how you can work together to take your business to the next level. 

Have you worked with a designer? What was your experience like?

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