Intentional Business Challenge

Do you struggle to find time to get it all done? Do you want to do more in less time? Do have systems and organization in your business to help you be more productive and less busy?

I am passionate about helping others create a more intentional life and business because I believe that when we are intentional with our time, we get more time for the good stuff. I believe that with the right systems and organization, we really can do more in less time. Using the techniques and tools that I have implemented in my own business, I put together a 2 week email course to help you be more intentional and productive with your business

Are you up for the challenge?

Each day for the 2 weeks of the challenge, you will get an email from me with a specific task, tips and info on how to be intentional in that area, and an Instagram prompt to share your progress with others. The challenge will address areas of your business like your organization, productivity, brand foundation, goals, planning, and of course intention. There will be valuable information about how you can be more intentional in each area of your business along with actionable steps on how you can implement each strategy. And once you've completed that day's task, you can snap a photo and share it with us on Instagram (or your favorite social platform) using the hashtag #intentionalbusinesschallenge so that we can all follow along with your journey. 

A few things to do before the challenge

Before you begin the challenge, I want you to get in the right mindset. It's important that you approach it with the idea that you will make progress with your business - not perfection. I am a big believer in giving yourself grace (which is one of the core values of my business), and that will be a big part of this challenge too. We don't always have to do it all and do it perfect. And finally, don't forget to celebrate every victory! After each task, celebrate your progress and reward yourself for putting time and intention in your business.

I'm excited to start being more intentional with you! See you on October 5th!

The challenge as ended. Be on the look out for another challenge soon.