How to brand your social media

Does your social media show what your business is all about? Does it tell your story and share your message? Is it clean, consistent, and professional looking? Does it attract the right audience? Does it create engagement with your followers?

Social media is such an important marketing tool for small business owners. And there are a lot of elements that go in to making your social media work for you. By asking yourself these questions, you can determine if your social media is doing what it should, and if you are representing your brand the right way. The first place to start with your social media strategy is making sure it lines up with your branding, your mission, and your message. In order to use it as the valuable marketing tool that it is, you have to first establish your brand through social media.

The key to social media branding is consistency. Consistency helps establish your brand and communicates the right message (and same message) in every touch point that you have with your audience. Social media is often the first place that you interact with your audience and where they come back for more. It is so important that your brand is being portrayed through the images and content you are sharing.

Being consistent across the board is how followers will begin to recognize and connect with your brand. Just like with your website, your audience should be able to look at your social media as a whole and understand what you do and who you are as a brand. Your social media is essentially and extension of your already established brand. So you want to be sure that you carry your brand throughout all of your messaging.

"The key to branding your social media is consistency. Consistency helps clearly communicate the right message."

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brand your images

You can brand your social media images by using a consistent color palette and style. Choose a style that fits with your brand and keep with that style in all of your images so that your social media is always a true reflection of your brand. You don't necessarily have to use your brand colors, but pick a small color palette to tie your images together. This can mean using all bright and bold colors or muted neutral tones. The key here is to stay the same. You don't want to post a bright pink floral picture one day and a neutral photo the next because that doesn't create a consistent style for your brand. Think about is what kind of images and style are you already using with your brand and carry that into your social media.

For example, I use a fairly neutral, light, and soft color palette and post mostly overhead shots or encouraging quotes.

find your voice

The more you write for your brand, the more you will find your voice and writing style. One way to start is by listening to your audience and how they talk. You can connect better with them by using the words and phrases they use and write in a conversational tone that would reach them. Use your own voice as a foundation and build on that with your brand's style and message.  

For example, I want my social media to be encouraging, uplifting, and educational, so I try to incorporate that when writing to my audience. I also want them to feel like I am their friend, so I use a conversational tone, connect on a more personal level, and ask questions to know what they think too.

establish a routine

Another way to keep your social media branding consistent is by sticking to a schedule. If you post around the same time every day people get used to seeing your posts in their feeds.  Find the optimal optimal posting times for your audience and try to stay consistent to those times. 

For example, I try to post 3-4 times a day and the best times for me are morning, mid-day, and evening.


The best way to brand your social media is to first establish a strong brand and solid brand elements. You have to know your brand style and your writing voice. Once you develop your brand style and aestheic, your social media will naturally follow those brand guidelines. Keep your images and content consistent with your brand message by always using the same image style and voice in your writing.

The biggest takeaway is to maintain a consistent brand message across all of your social media accounts. Inconsistent messaging can confuse your audience and can keep you from building a strong, recognizable brand.


How do you brand your social media? Let me know in the comments!

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