Why I Love Working With Creatives

When I started doing branding design again last year, I never really gave it a proper introduction to explain what I do and why I do it. Branding and design has become a larger part of my business over the past few months and I wanted to take some time to touch on both of those things as well as tell you why I love working with creatives so much. 

How I got started in brand design

Before starting my own business in 2012, I worked at a local agency as a web and graphic designer. This is where I learned the ins and outs of designing for other businesses and taught myself how to do anything and everything design, web, and marketing related. The longer I had that job, the more I realized I wanted to work for myself and from there Printed Ink was born. While Printed Ink started as mainly stationery and invitations, my love for brand design never left. So in the Fall of last year, I started dabbling in design projects again and loved it. I sincerely love helping other business owners build a strong and authentic brand design to help grow their businesses. After going through my own brand building journey, I love being able to help others do the same and establish a good foundation for their brands. 

What I do

As I got back in to designing for brands, I found my sweet spot in the industry and focused on the overall brand design package for small businesses. Although my services have evolved to help fit my clients' needs, I specialize in building brand designs through a couple of different package and a la carte offerings. I offer 3 different branding packages to help business owners at different stages of business, but I am mainly here to help those who are ready to get serious about their business and invest in themselves to take their business to the next level. 

I know and understand that branding can be a big investment, but I strive to give the best value I can with each of my design packages. When you work with me, I dig deep into the heart and purpose of your brand to help you find clarity in what you do and then translate that into your brand design. We work on your brand as the entire package, not just the logo design, because I believe that there is so much more to it than that. I want to give you everything you need to grow your business on a solid foundation and have a brand that truly represents you and communicates your message. I am passionate about helping others build their brand and from my experience (including my own) I have learned so much about how to do this efficiently and effectively that I can pass on to others. 

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Why I love working with creatives

When I worked at the local agency, I worked with more corporate businesses that had different business and design needs. While I loved designing for them, it always let like something was missing. I didn't know what that was until I started designing for creatives. Working with fellow creative entrepreneurs has been such a blessing in my life and business. There is an underlying feeling of community when working with someone who shares your creative side, who is often in the same shoes as a fellow solopreneur, and who is in need of a more creative brand design for their business. Working with other creatives is so much more rewarding for me because I feel like I can connect with them on a different level. I can understand what they are going through better than I could before. I enjoy designing for creatives more because there is more freedom with what is being created and how it is being used. Being fully immersed in the industry as a creative business owner myself allows me to approach the brand design from a different perspective. 

The opportunity to work with other creative business owners and help them build their brands is one of the main reasons why I jumped back in to brand design in the first place. I have a soft spot for seeing other creative entrepreneurs grow and thrive and if there is any way that I can help them do that, I am all for it. 

The more that I am able to work with others for their brand and design needs, the more that I love it. I am grateful for the opportunity to help other business owners in this way, and I am excited to see where this takes me in the future. Speaking of, there is something big in the works to help you business owners build your brand better, but more on that soon!

Let's work together

Want to talk more about my branding services and how I can help you design the brand of your dreams? I love talking with other creatives about their brand and I would love to talk with you too. Email me and we can set up a time to talk on the phone about your brand and get to know each other a little better.

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