How To Grow Your Email List

As a business owner, there is a lot of emphasis on growing a large email list. I have even heard people say that you need to have a certain number of subscribers before you can launch a product or service. While I don't necessarily agree with that, there is some merit to growing a large email list. Every subscriber is a potential customer or client, so naturally the more you have, the better it is for your business. Although I will add that it doesn't mean you can gain a bunch of email subscribers and then spam them like crazy - but more on that later. 

Last week, I talked about how you could implement an email sign up pop up box for your website and why you should give it a try. When I did this, it helped to grow my email list just by having an easy option for people to drop in their emails. This is one of many ways you can grow your email list, but I wanted to share a few more with you today. 

Create an opt in

I am sure that you have heard that giving people incentive to sign up for your list is one of the best things you can do for your email list. I definitely agree with this, but you also have to be sure that you are giving away something that people will want. Listen to to your audience and figure out what will benefit them most. Your freebie can be anything from a free printable, discount, guide, or Ebook, but it depends on your audience. You want your opt-in to relate to your business and help to show people what it is that you do. It is another way to establish your expertise in an area too. 

I recently added a new opt-in specifically for business owners all about creating a cohesive brand as an incentive for business owners to join the list. It has proven to be valuable content that people genuinely want and will push them to sign up for the list.

Tell people about it

No one will sign up for your list if they don't know about it! Be sure to tell people about your list and what they will get when they sign up so that they are enticed to actually sign up. You want to make it interesting so that they will take the extra step to add their email. The best way to show that you have an email list is on your website. Add sign up boxes in places that are easily seen and add a little text to explain what type of content they will get for joining. You can also promote your list on social media and blog posts by reminding people to sign up and telling them about the freebie they will get for joining. 

Provide valuable and exclusive content

Our email boxes are sacred places. We have talked about this before, but if you are going to send an email, make sure it is worthwhile to read. By providing valuable content to your audience, they will be grateful for the information and even be more likely to share it with others. If your subscribers truly enjoy reading your emails, they will become loyal followers and speak highly of you to others. Once you fill your list with emails, you want to keep those people around. Like I said earlier, you don't want to spam them by sending too many sales emails and not enough valuable content. 

Another aspect of this is to provide exclusive content specifically for your email subscribers. Don't simply send all of your blog posts to them via email. If they want to read your blog, they will go to your blog. That's not to say you can't include popular blog posts links in your emails, but you need to give them something else too. They need a reason to get your emails in their inbox among the other 100 they get every day. This can be in the form of the content itself as well as special deals or offering new products and services to them first. Make sure it is clear that they will get exclusives by signing up for the list too as another incentive to join. 

Listen to your audience

By listening to your subscribers, they will tell you what they want. Ask for feedback in your emails through questions and have your subscribers respond directly to you to start a conversation. Once you get them talking, they will tell you what they want to read. Listen to what they are saying and provide content to help them with their problems. 

Grow before you launch

While this may seem a little backwards, I wanted to touch on the importance of growing your list before you launch. Whether you are launching a new business or simply adding a new product or service, it is helpful to have a list of people to directly promote your business to. If they have signed up for your list, they are likely interested in what you have to offer. Letting your email list know about your newest offering will help to increase awareness and sales.