20 Quality Content Blog Post Ideas

While there are hundreds of blog post topics you could write on, coming up with original, high-quality content can be challenging. Creating completely original blog posts is no easy task, but writing on a common topic from your perspective creates original content. The topic itself is important, but the quality of the content within the post can make a big difference too. To help get you started, here are 20 quality content ideas for creating blog posts.

  1. Feature someone in your industry: find someone in your industry or a closely related industry and interview them about their business and life. With so many interview series out there, try to come up with a unique angle and topic for conversation for your interview. 
  2. Behind the scenes: share what is going on behind the scenes for your business and what you are working on next. You could even share images of your workspace or process and how you run your business. 
  3. How to: this can be applied to a number of specific things. Pick something you are good at doing or have a unique process for and share how you do it. 
  4. Your process: give readers and prospective customers a look inside your process. You don't have to give away all of your specifics, but it can be helpful to give people an idea of how you work and why you do certain things. 
  5. Your secrets: sharing your secret to success can be intimidating and most bloggers won't do it because they don't want to be copied. But if you are are staying true to your brand and mission and doing your own thing, then it will be hard for so,done to copy you. Letting people in on your secrets shows your openness and experience.  
  6. Series: pick a topic that you know your readers could benefit from greatly and turn it into a series. Go in depth about several specific elements within that topic and create several posts over a span of time to keep readers coming back for more. 
  7. A day in the life: show what life is like for you and how you make it happen on a daily basis. This could include your daily routine and how you schedule your work day. 
  8. Guest post: invite someone you work with or admire to guest post on your blog about something that will interest your readers. It gives your audience a different perspective on s subject or offers them content that you may not be as qualified to write about. Plus, collaborating with others in your field is always beneficial. 
  9. A debatable topic: write your take on a topic that is often debated in your industry. Writing your opinion for something like this can be scary if you are not sure how it will be perceived, but just be sure to keep it light. 
  10. Teach something: take something you have perfected and teach your readers how to do it. This is different from a how-to post in that it is usually more focused on a particular skill versus a simple task of a how-to post. This could also be turned into a series, Ebook, or online course too. 
  11. Roundup of favorites: gather some of your favorite items for a specific use and create a roundup. Your loyal followers will be interested in what you like and it is always good to link to other businesses. 
  12. Product reviews: similar to the roundup, you could take one specific product you love and write a review on it. 
  13. Archive: put those old blog posts to good use by pulling some of your favorites and most popular from the archives. You could simply share them again, or update the post and share new content with it. 
  14. Free resource: create a free resource related to your industry to share with your readers. 
  15. Inspiring story: let your audience in a little by sharing an inspiring story from your life. People can relate to personal stories and you will almost always get a good response. 
  16. Encouragement: encourage others using something that you may struggle with. Similar to an inspiring story, you could encourage others by sharing how you learned from a certain situation
  17. Highlight products: highlight new products or services from your business so that your readers see your new offerings. 
  18. Survey: ask your readers a question or a group of questions to get them involved. You could also use this as a way to gain feedback about your blog or business and find out what they want to read more about. 
  19. FAQ: turn a frequently asked question into a blog post to explain the answer. Then when you are asked the question later you can always direct them to your blog post. 
  20. Giveaway: Host a giveaway for your own products or team up with other business to give away a package to one lucky reader.