Getting to Know You: Part 1

This year I want to focus on getting to know you better and along with that I want you to know more about me too. You are more than customers and clients to me, you are friends. I want to be here to motivate you, inspire you, and offer simple and stylish solutions to fill your life with joy. I want to be someone you can talk to, lean on, and ask for advice. To break the ice, I am introducing myself to you on a deeper level. In a short series, I will tell you a little but more about me so that you feel more comfortable with the face behind the business. 

When you shop from Printed Ink, you get more than just the product, you get personal service and attention. You get someone you can be friends with and follow along for inspired stories, ideas, and so much more. Even when you are done with your purchase, I want to stay friends. Let's start a conversation. Feel free to share a little about yourself with me or just shoot me an email to chat anytime. 

Over the next few weeks I'll be talking about some things that make me who I am including:

  • Big city girl turned farmers wife 
  • The growth of my dream 
  • Becoming a mom
  • Where I am today
  • Where I am headed 

I am excited to get to know y'all better and I can't wait to chat some more. Talk soon!