My Creative Process: Branding Design

Creating strong and beautiful brands is a passion of mine. I love working with other creative entrepreneurs to build a brand that truly represents them and is one that they love. A brand is so much more than the colors and design. It is more than a logo. It goes muh deeper. I believe that a brand is built on a solid foundation of values, a strong mission, and passion. I love helping business owners develop that for their business and create an authentic and cohesive brand that will take their business to the next level.

I pride myself on my unique branding proces and how I help my clients dig deep into their brand. Today, I am giving you a little insight into my creative process and how I work with branding clients.  Although the process varies slightly depending on the client and scope of work, this will give you a general idea of what to expect.

The process


The first thing I like to do with a new client it to talk via phone, email, or video chat to get to know each other better and discuss your brand dreams, ideas, and wishes. Working with a designer remotely on something so important and vital to your business can be a scary thing. But my goal is to make you feel totally comfortable and confident with leaving your brand in my hands. I want you to know that I am available for you when you need me and I am working hard to make your vision come to life. I also want to learn about you as a person and your business mission and values so that I best understand who I am working with and what you are looking for in a brand design.  Once you book your service, I will send you a client questionnaire that will address your vision, mission and ideal client. I will also ask you to start a Pinterest board for branding inspiration to make sure we are on the same page visually. These two things are there to help both of us develop the core of your brand design. 

The Details

Once we both feel comfortable with the base of your brand and have an overall vision in mind, we will work together to define your brand’s mission and vision based on the answers from your client questionnaire. We will also come up with a description of your ideal client. These items will be used as an overall guide for your branding and are there to help you have a better understanding of your brand. The beginning stages of the brand development are my favorite and the most important. I love to help you dig deep and truly understand the meaning of your brand so that I can accurately portray that in your brand design. 

The next step is to collect your content. I create a dropbox folder for you to share with me colors, textures, images, or text you would like used within your design and website. I like to do this now so that I know what I am working with in the beginning and have an idea of the overall scope of the project before diving in to the design stage. While it is not a huge step in the design process, it is still important to give it the attention it needs. Your content and images say a lot about your brand and this is where I will help you to make sure that you are creating a cohesive look and keeping your mission consistent across all aspects of your brand.

The Design

Now the real fun begins! Once I have all the details, I sit down and start brainstorming your brand designs. I start by putting together an inspiration board including images, colors, and textures that represent your brand and vision. This is so that we have a visual of the overall color, textures, and feel of your brand vision to use as a guide in the design process. I know I said that the beginning steps are my favorite, but this one isn't far behind. I love creating inspiration boards because that is the first real visual you see of your brand coming together and it is an exciting step in the process.

The next step for me is to start designing. I usually like to set aside a couple of hours for initial design concepts. Usually by this point, I have a good idea in mind for logo design concepts, and this is where I bring those ideas to life for you. After I create the initial concepts, I step away for a day or two and let them soak in. Then I can come back to it with a fresh set of eyes and finish tweaking, cleaning, and finalizing the designs before sending to you for your first look. Most clients will then narrow it down to one or two logo options and we will work on tweaking the design more until it is perfect! 

After the logo design is finalized, I will apply this design to your other branding stationery items like business cards, note cards, and more. This is when I create your brand guidelines, secondary logos/watermarks, and other design elements. At this point, we also start working on the website design (if you have chosen) that option so that we can complete the look of your brand. Since most of my work takes place on the computer, I then save all the files types for your designs and prepare the brand elements to send to you or to order printed materials for your branding.

Now that we have spent a couple of weeks working hard to create a beautiful and authentic brand for you, it is time to celebrate! This is a big deal, so I will help you celebrate your new brand by highlighting the new design on my blog and social media and encourage you to do the same with your followers.

working with me

Printed Ink is rooted on living faithfully, purposefully, and joyfully, and my goal is to understand the heart behind your business and brand. I belive a strong and authentic brand is created around your heart and your vision. Building a brand that is based upon what your core values and mission will establish a purposeful and beautiful brand that will be recongnized for it. My hope is that you love your business and your brand and that it becomes an extension of you.

I am excited to get to know you and your brand and work together to create a beautiful and authentic brand for your business.

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