Why you should be deleting your pins

Pinterest is a great marketing tool for small businesses. It's visual platform is especially helpful for visual brands that have something to share or sell. But like all social media outlets, it needs to be used correctly in order to benefit your brand the most (easier said than done, right?). Using Pinterest to its full potential can mean different things for different types of businesses, but as a whole you want your pins to be seen by your target audience as much as possible. A few weeks ago, I ran into an article about how deleting pins would help to increase your visibility. After doing a little bit of research I decided to give it a try, and I immediately saw results! 

Pinterest shares based on popularity

Like most social media, the more likes, shares, and love you get, the more exposure you get. So how do you get more repins on Pinterest so that your pins are shared more? One way is to trick Pinterst into thinking you are more popular than you are, at least until you can grow your following more. By deleting pins that have few likes or repins, you are focusing on those pins that have more interaction and more popularity, therefore making your account seem more popular.  If your boards are full of pins that have hundreds of likes or repins, then your account will be recognized as having more popular content and in turn be shared to more users. 

Quality over quantity 

I say this in many areas of business, and it can be applied here too. It won't help to pin every image you see, and it may actually hurt you now. Focusing on quality content that is geared towards your followers will keep them interested and generate more interaction with your pins. Your Pinterest account is an extension of your brand so it is important to keep in mind the overall aesthetic and quality of your brand when pinning images to your boards.  

By deleting pins that had little or no likes or repins on my account, I was able to streamline my boards and focus on the quality of the conent I was pinning. I even deleted whole boards that we're bringing my account down and didn't fit with the overall core of my brand. I cleaned up all of my boards and made sure to focus on content that my readers will be interested in, to create more interaction. Within a week of starting this, I noticed a jump in repins and even an increase in followers.  

Do you use Pinterest for your business?

Do you find that it is a good marketing tool for you?