My First Year of Motherhood

This is a little outside of my normal post topics, but I strive to share my heart here on the blog with the hope of encouraging and inspiring you in your own journey. I wanted to take a minute to reflect on my first year of motherhood and share with you what my experience has been like so far. 

If I could describe my first year of motherhood in one word, it would be incredible. The entire journey from pregnancy to my son turning one has been such an amazing blessing. This little boy has stolen my heart and filled it with so much love that I never knew existed. 


I'll take you back for a moment, to when I first found out I was going to be a mama. I was beyond thrilled and grateful that God blessed us with a little one in our family. I have always said that I was meant to be a mom and I knew that it was the next step for my husband and I. 

Holding Logan in my arms for the first time was an indescribable moment. From the very first time I laid eyes on him, my life changed forever, and in the best possible way. The first year has been filled with good days and bad ones, late nights and early mornings, life lessons, and endless amounts of love that makes everything worth it. 

I have learned so much about myself as a person and who I am as a mother. I have learned about my husband and our marriage and I have learned what it is like to balance being a mother and a wife. I have learned grace, patience, true exhaustion, and sacrifice. While it was no easy journey, I trusted my motherly instincts and let God lead the way. 

One thing that has been very important to me for this first year and beyond is cherishing every little moment, milestone, and memory. I have taken countless amounts of pictures, written down funny stories and special moments, and kept a baby book for major milestones. I know that these years go by way too fast and I want to be in the moment while it is here to enjoy Logan while he is still a baby. The first years of a baby's life are so precious and it has been amazing to be home with him to watch him grow. Being able to experience every first and milestone with him has been such a blessing. In fact, part of the reason I created the joyful beginnings journal is so that other mamas can cherish those memories too. 

So much could be said about my first year of motherhood, but I won't write a book here. The one thing that I have taken away most from this journey so far is that no matter how busy, tired, overwhelmed, or unqualified I feel, it is important to put those things aside and be in the moment with him before the moment is gone. There are some things that I might have done differently, and by no means have I been a perfect mother, but I have quickly learned the value of time spent with my child to both me and him. 

Are you in this season of life too? What have your learned from your first years of motherhood?