My favorite styled stock photo resources

A few weeks ago, I talked about why I stepped up my product photography game and shared some tips on how you can too. One of those tips was to use styled stock photos and overlay your products on top of the image. But part of usng styled stock photos is making sure that they are high quality images and fit the overall aesthetic of your brand. Even if it is the most gorgeous image you have ever seen, you don't need to buy it if it doesn't fit with your brand. It will just seem out of place in your branding. The goal is to create a cohesive and professional looking brand and extending that with your images and product photos. 

There are a couple different ways to use these stock images in your branding. For example, you can overlay text as an advertisement for your brand, place in your product, or use them as is on your website or social media to dress up the area. You also have to pay attention to the way you use them and how you overlay products to ensure that you are keeping the professional look of the image. If you add a product into a photo, don't forget to pay attention to the shadows of the image so that your product is natural looking when added. 

There are tons of great resources for styled stock photos, but here are some of my favorites: