10 Things I do (and don't do) to simplify my life

You know that question that is always floating around, the one that asks, "How does she do it all?". I'm sure you've thought it before and will probably wonder it again about someone who seems to have it all together. But to be honest, none of us really have it together all the time. We are all just trying to figure it out as we go and do the best we can. Myself included. If by some miracle it seems like I do it all and have it figured out, I don't. But there is one thing I have figured out over the past few years - don't try to do it all. I promise that no one else is and there is no reason that you have to either. In an attempt to keep myself from trying to do #allthethings, I've implemented some easy strategies that help keep things simple. Because simple is always better in my opinion. To help you keep it simple, I wanted to share a list of things that I do, or don't do, that keep me sane.


  1. I DO ask for help: Ok so this one is still hard for me sometimes, but I am getting better. I used to try to do it all by myself. I thought I should be able to handle taking care of our kids, our home, and my business by myself. But it really does take a village to do these things so I've learned to ask for help more. Now when I need an extra hand, I ask for it.
  2. I DO meal plan: Meal planning makes our lives so much easier. When I don't have a meal planned, it can be such a challenge to decide what to cook. By planning out my meals for the week, I know what groceries to buy and what I'll be making each day and I spend less time thinking about it later on. (PS: Check out this great tool that Shay Cochrane is giving rave reviews for.)
  3. I DON'T carry a diaper bag and a purse: Instead of carrying a bag for the babies and a bag for me, I keep it all in one bag. Currently, I am just using a diaper bag because the one I have is a good size to fit all of our things without being too heavy, but it's all in one place. On that note though, I pack the bag with as little as possible (because, simple!) and just carry the essentials. There is no need to lug around a bunch of extra things that you "might" need when you probably won't.
  4. I DON'T wash my hair: Yes, this sounds bad when you read it, but I know you do it too. We are busy and if you have kids like me you know that there isn't much alone time for you to take a nice long shower and wash your hair. This has been one of my biggest time savers since having kids and I've become a lover of dry shampoo. I usually wash my hair 2-3 times a week now and it works great for me because it is pulled up and out of the way most days anyway.
  5. I DON'T paint my nails: I do love having my nails painted. Even when I am dressed in yoga pants with dirty hair, painted nails can make me feel pretty. But the truth is that I just don't have time for it right now and it isn't something that is important to me. Every once in a while you will see color on my toes, but for the most part I go natural to save time.
  6. I DON'T go shopping: Have you ever tried to go shopping with 2 little kids? Enough said right? It takes a long time to get them ready and get out of the house, and usually by then I'm already worn out, so shopping trips rarely happen. We make it to the grocery store every so often, but I do most of my other shopping online. It is much easier (thank you Amazon) and keeps me from spending too much money.
  7. I DON'T do social media: This is actually half way true. I am on social media a lot for my business, but I try to keep it to a minimum. But to be honest, I rarely check social media for my personal life. Most of my social media for business is scheduled ahead of time and I check every so often during the day to keep up with comments and connect with others. I do like to scroll through Instagram sometimes because that's actually where I find a lot of encouragement and inspiration, but I try to limit my time there.
  8. I DO eat a lot of the same meals: This might sound boring to you, but it has made my life much easier. I've found a few things that I love to eat for breakfast and lunch and I stick with those. It takes less time to decide what to eat and frees up space in my brain for more important decisions. Every once in a while I will change it up (usually based on the seasons) but I usually stick to my regular rotation.
  9. I DO an end of the day clean up: It helps to have things organized and simplified in your home already, but at the end of every day I do a once over the entire house to put things away as much as I can. I have a 3 year old son who is home all day with me, so you can imagine the mess he makes during the day. Some days it is just too much work to clean up everything, but I put away what I can to clear the clutter and give us a fresh start the next day.
  10. I DON'T clean my house: Ok, let me explain this one. I do clean my house, but I don't deep clean every inch all the time. I mean, cleaning up after a toddle would be a full time job in itself. Our house is rarely spotless and I'm ok with that. I have a weekly cleaning routine that helps to keep things from getting out of control, and once a month I will deep clean and get all the dirt.


What do you do, or don't do, to keep life simple? Am I missing something that could help simplify things even more?