Building a Business with Faith: 30 Day Business Devotional

Building a Business with Faith: 30 Day Business Devotional

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Being a business owner is a beautiful and rewarding experience. It gives you the chance to follow your passions, pursue your dreams, and do work that fulfills your soul.

You can create a business that supports your lifestyle and choose what you want that to look like. But it's not always sunshine and lattes either. It is a difficult road and one that brings about some of your biggest challenges and faith-testing situations.

Without guidance and faith, being an entrepreneur would be much harder. In all the good and bad moments that we face as business owners, we can rest easy knowing that God is always there to help us on our journey.

If you've been called to entrepreneurship, it's definitely a path that shouldn't be taken alone.

God provides us with all the knowledge and wisdom that we need to run a business with Him by our side. All we have to do is fill our hearts and minds with His word and use them as a guide in making business decisions.

This devotional was written for the entrepreneur who desires to keep God first in her business.

It was written for you, who wants to pursue your purpose through entrepreneurship but feels lost on where to start. It was written with those of us in mind who need prayer in our lives and our business, who want to thank God for the blessings and the struggles, who want to be filled with the wisdom and knowledge He has to give us, who want to use our God given skills and talents the way He intends us to, not the way we think it should happen. This devotional is for each of us who want our business to stay rooted in our faith and want to be reminded of that daily.

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