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Overview of project

Naomi came to me when she was starting this business, hoping to establish a strong foundation from the beginning. The Presence Co. started with the idea that gifting and philanthropy are concepts that center around purpose, passion, and giving. Their mission is to focus on both beautiful, timeless products that let you celebrate life’s moments, and become part of a group supporting passionate causes. I am so proud of the mission that Naomi has created and how big her heart is for supporting non-profits while doing something she is passionate about too.

Target Client

The audience we are trying to reach is someone who is a thoughtful, perceptive individual who yearns to give beautiful high-end gifts with meaning. They look for quality and specialty in their gifts for others and are connected to the mission of supporting non-profits and doing good with their purchase.

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The Problem

Since The Presence Co. was a new brand, the biggest obstacle was establishing a foundation and creating brand recognition. We were also addressing the online shopping experience for her customers to ensure that they had an experience that matched the quality of the gifts they would be sending.

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The solution

By creating a strong brand we were able to establish that foundation and carry her messaging through the brand visuals and messaging. Once the brand was established, we took those visuals and implemented it a clean and refreshing website design that focused on the values of the business, the mission of supporting non-profits, and the shopping experience for the customer.