If you’re a creative business owner looking for valuable education, information, and encouragement for building an intentional business, you’re in the right place.

If you are a busy woman tired of the busy and looking for clarity, purpose, and intention in your life, you’re in the right place.

I'll teach you how to do business well, be more intentional in your life, and create a business you love while living a life you love even more.

I believe in building purposeful and intentional lives and businesses, that serve each other well. I believe that we can do life and business without feeling like one is taking over the other. I believe that balance does exist, but looks different for everyone and every season. I believe in living on purpose, giving yourself grace, and pursuing your passions, and I am here to help you do that.


Because I want you to work less and live more. I want you to enjoy time with your family, read that book that’s been sitting on your nightstand, and spend the weekend making pancakes and sipping coffee slowly. I want you to experience balance, grace, and intention in your life and business because I know firsthand how much freedom it can give you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of living that is supported by the business you’ve always wanted to own.

Intentionally Designed is rooted on living faithfully, purposefully, and intentionally.

I am a mama, wife, encourager, designer, and writer, and my mission is to give you the tools and encouragement you need to pursue your dreams well, be more intentional with your life and business, and create a business you love and a life you love even more.