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create an intentionally designed life and business

What are you waiting for?

Savor and embrace the season you are in and start living intentionally today.


Do you feel tired, stretched too thin, pulled in too many directions, confused about where to focus your attention, or like you should be doing more?

Are you unsure of how to prioritize your needs, overwhelmed by too many ideas and not enough time, or feeling like your life and business are always unbalanced?

I’ve been there. Some days I am still there. There are times when I feel like I am called to do too many things, yet I am not sure what I can give up on and don’t really want to choose either.

There are days when I feel behind and days when I feel ahead. But in the end I know that I need to cut through the noise to see only what matters and forget about the rest.

If you’re like me, you want to work less and be more present in your life.

But you don't want to give up your work or business because it fires you up and fuels your passions. How do you do both and do them well? How do you balance the two biggest parts of who you are?


Instead of wondering when you're next vacation is, maybe you ought to set up a life you don't have to escape from.

Seth Godin


Living intentionally and purposefully gives you the freedom to live your life like you always wanted while maintaining the things you are passionate about too.

I stay home with my 2 little ones all day. I spend my hours on the floor playing with blocks, at the park pushing swings, and in the kitchen making meals. I also own a successful business that helps support my family and allows me to do what I love. I don’t stay up late to work. I don’t work much on weekends. I am able to do live the life I always dreamed of living while running a business that fuels my passions.

I am not saying this to make it seem like I have it all together. I don’t. But I am saying this so you know that you can do it too. With the right tools, encouragement, and intention, you can live the life you always imagined.


How we can work together


Mentor session


For any season of life, women looking for guidance, clarity, focus, intentionality in your season


What you can expect from our time together

Every client is different and each experience is tailored to your needs. I listen to what you have to say, look for what it is you need most, and figure out how I can help you best. While each experience is slightly different, there are some things every client can expect from working with me.



More than a mentor

After we work together, you will gain a new friend. I want to be a part of your support system. I want to be your business mentor through this process, as well as your friend.

Confidence + Clarity

I want to help you feel empowered and confident to do your season of life well. After we work together, you will gain clarity and confidence to do life well.

Honesty + Integrity

I want to lead you with honesty, transparency, and integrity. In the time we spend together, I will always be honest, open, and transparent so that I can help you find the purpose in your season.


have questions?

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