Overview of project

Rhiannon came to me with a well established brand and business, but was in need of a website redesign to match the current position of her brand. As her brand business has grown, she needed to bring her website up to the same level with a fresh and innovative look that spoke directly to her ideal client.

Target Client

Hey Gorgeous Events is an award-winning wedding planning and design studio that works closely together with engaged couples to plan their wedding day with ease and excitement. Rhiannon’s level of expertise, attention to detail, and tailored client experience lends her to work with committed brides and grooms that are looking for someone to plan their wedding day in it’s entirety. In order to reach this client, we focused on speaking to their needs, showcasing Rhiannon’s work, and highlighting her core beliefs and values as a wedding planner.


The Problem

When we began the project together, Rhiannon had already built a well established and intentional brand that effectively communicated to her audience. But with her established reputation, she wanted to create an innovative website that stayed on the cutting edge of the industry.

The solution

Our strategy with this project was to focus on the Hey Gorgeous experience and what Rhiannon and her team can offer for their clients. We made minor updates to her brand to keep it clean and modern, and created a fresh new website design that included details and features that drew out her unique approach. We worked together to implement a new strategy and design for her website that focused on her work, her accolades, and her heart.