Fun Facts

I’m a designer, online shopper, book lover, and cereal addict


01. I am a city girl turned farmer’s wife embracing small town living and building our forever home on a cattle farm

02. I'm a total homebody. Even though I spend most of my days at home, there's nothing I love more than lounging in comfy clothes with my family on the weekends too

03. I am your typical type A, introverted personality and I love organization and to-do lists but will be the first to throw it out the window for the good stuff that can only be enjoyed in the moment


04. Most days you’ll find me on the floor with my kids, at the park pushing swings, and in the kitchen making meals (who knew two little ones could eat so much!)

05. I survive on Amazon Prime. Yes, it's true. I order everything I can online. With 2 little ones it is hard to shop in stores and I love being able to order it all and have it delivered to me

06. I could eat cereal every day of the week, but actually eat it more as a bedtime snack than for breakfast because I love all breakfast foods