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Emma Rose Designs is a company that creates handmade goods for every day life and special occasions. She specializes in coffee filter flowers, baby clothes & accessories, hand painted wood signs and event decor. Emma was an absolute gem to work with. We share a lot in common and have similar styles so it was so fun to be able to bring her vision to life and create a brand and website that can help take her business to the next level.

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The investment to rebrand my business was a lot to do as a stay at home mom. However, I will never look back or regret it for one moment. My new brand and website is exactly what I imagined it to be and so much more. It is beautiful, unique, and professional. I found Rachel via word of mouth. She will forever be my designer for all things related to my business and design, and friend. Words could never do justice for how I feel about the completion of my rebrand and my experience working one on one with Rachel at Intentionally Designed. She helped me turn my dreams for my business into a reality.
— Emma Rose